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Prudent Staffing appreciates you for choosing our Agency for your employment needs.

We welcome you to our team of employees.  Over the years, our Agency has become a part of the growing network providing the highest quality personnel for nursing and general health care skills.

  • We offer you a great pay
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Choice of place to work
  • Great Benefits
  • Occasional Transportation to work

Prudent Staffing understands your need for good employment benefits. As a result, our responsibility is not limited to providing you the paycheck.  We do make sure that all our employees have a chance to pick and choose the comprehensive benefits package that will include the under-listed choices:


Group Medical Insurance is available with all flexible options to fit your choice/cost.  You will have option to pick and upgrade your health coverage Health Plan.


Group Dental, Vision, Life, Short-Term Disability and Long-term Disability, for full cost coverage plan of  Vision, Dental, Life, Short-Term Disability and Long-term Disability.


Professional Liability Insurance, this will cover full cost during your professional assignments.


Workers’ Compensation Insurance. employees in California are fully covered under our Workers’ Compensation insurance while on official job assignments at our clients’ facilities.


We will reimburse for our employees Continuing Education and Professional Association, and Licensure Reimbursement for obtaining any state’s license plus the cost of license itself.


Paid Vacation, you will be paid from the first year of your first anniversary with our company.


Relocation Housing Allowance, plus assistance in setting up housing needs for our travel nurses.


Direct Deposit, is available for all our employees’ options.


Transportation, we offer transportation to augment any emergency situation to get to work place.  This offer is available for employees around our office locations only, where we can reach the employees immediately.  There is no off-site transportation offer.


Appreciation Package: our employees’ appreciation benefits include monthly Perfect Attendance  for full-time workers only.  Referral Bonus per applicant successfully hired full or part-time for 36 hours weekly minimum hours, after eight weeks.




Whether you are looking for permanent/placement, per diem, home care, pharmacist, or travel positions, contact Prudent Staffing to help you find the job that best fits your need as you want it. All applicants are subject to background checks and pre-employment job screenings. 


Choose positions based on your previous experience, background, and qualification(s) from the kind of skills and facilities you have worked before.  What else would you prefer, and where else would you go?  Try us today and you will prove who we are!!


Choose from one of the following positions to match with your skill(s), background, and qualification(s), e.g; Health Care skills: (RNs/Travel, LVNs, LPTs CNAs, HHAs & MAs).


·         Hospitals

·         Skilled Nursing / Long Term Care Facilities

·         Out-patient Facilities

·         Psyche / Behavioral Hospitals

·         Educational Facilities

·         Pharmacies

·         In-Home-Healthcare for Seniors/Disabled

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